Let`s eat with

Pamper your senses with one typical Istrian family whose passion is farming domestic animals, wine and olive oil production and making delicious homemade Istrian specialties from locally produced ingredients.

The family will gladly host you and help you prepare a carefully chosen three course dinner (appetizer, main course and a dessert).
You will meet His Majesty the Truffle, make homemade pasta, pick homegrown vegetables from the garden, prepare homegrown meat and make fritule or kroštule (traditional Istrian dessert).
This is your chance to make an outstanding meal of homegrown ingredients that your taste buds will cherish forever.

Let`s eat with
Let`s eat with
Let`s eat with
"Truffle hunting Croatia" is a brand operating under the tourist agency '' Istriana Travel'' which is situated in the very heart of the northern Istria.
E-mail: istrianatravel@gmail.com
Adress: Vrh 46/3, 52420 Buzet, Croatia
"ISTRIANA TRAVEL" turistička agencija, obrt za turističke djelatnosti, Vl. Zdenka Majcan, Vrh 46/3, 52420 Buzet
Zdenka Majcan - voditeljica poslova i vlasnica obrta za turističke djelatnosti
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