Poreč hides a gem like no other in this area with its striking Byzantine mosaics dating from the 6th century...find it in the old city centre...

More northern from Rovinj, there is a second Roman colony in Istria. Built for Roman soldiers in the 2nd century BC this town impresses its visitors with its rich historical heritage, luxurious palaces of the noble families that are now galleries and museums and many other curiosities. Venetians were famous for their more than successful trade up to the discoveries of new continents and new trading routes. That's when luxury has come to a hold in Venice and consequently in Poreč. Luckily for us and our guests, we can now enjoy original houses and palaces from 14th century onwards in one pleasant stroll along the streets of the old city centre.

The Euphrasian Basilica from UNESCO’s list of world heritage is a gem like no other in this area with its striking Byzantine mosaics dating from the 6th century.

Poreč has been the centre of wider area since ancient times which is true today as well. So pack your things and enjoy a day trip with the dolphins, fish picnic, Lim Channel or Venice! We will be more than happy to welcome you at any time of the year. Our favourites are wine fairs like Vinistra, the largest wine fair in the region, held in May. There are also Open Wine Cellars Day, Malvasia fest, etc. As you can see, we love wine!

From Vrsar, a small town near Poreč, one can enjoy panoramic flights, tandem jump and piloting programs and for the dinosaurs fans there is a Dino park in Funtana.

Get off the beaten track and find fantastic beaches and cycling trails like Parenzana, an old railroad that used to connect Trieste and Poreč.

In hot summer days have fun in Aquacolors and Istralandia waterparks or simply enjoy our numerous caves. The most famous one is Baredine with its pleasant and steady 14 °C.


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