For all those romantic souls Rovinj is the number one place in Istria.

This picturesque town is situated by the sea on a hilly peninsula and it's considered to be one of the most camera-ready sites. Take a stroll among streets busy with art galleries, bars and restaurants. It's a city that successfully combines tradition and glamour so have a dinner in a Michelin star restaurant, stay at one of the five star hotels, take a romantic batana ride, a traditional fishing boat with flat bottom where you can experience unique sounds produced by the sea and the batana. Drink a cocktail atop the rocks over the waves and enjoy romantic sunsets. During the day find out about rich local history, learn the story behind the Venetian lion and don't wonder anymore why entire Istrian west coast uses both Croatian and Italian on their street and road signs, as well as in official interviews, and many other occasions.

Stay active and get to know the beautiful Istrian nature by bike. Go for a run or go rock climbing to Punta Corrente forest.

Whether you are a proffessional or an amateur, scuba diving sites of Rovinj and surroundings have a lot to offer: from the shallows to the world famous diving sites like the Baron Gautsch.


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