Cyclin` & Truffelin`

Enjoy a private bike ride on the ex narrow gaugge railway named "Parenzana" with our bike guide and our high quality MTB bikes. At the end of the ride, relax in a local "konoba" (a tavern)and spoil yourself with a truffle lunch.
Enjoy the ride through a unique nature of North Istria, through the small Istrian townlets, olive groves and vineyards. This was the trail where the Parenzana train used to pass on its way from Poreč (itl. Parenzo) to Trieste, a long time ago.  The cycling guide is here to reveal all the secret stories that are hiding behind every brautiful panorama while biking throug the macadam trail of the old Parenzana. We will take care of the breaks and snacks during the ride. After about 3,5-4 hours of cycling, you will have a stop in a local tavern and enjoy a great lunch with fresh truffles.
Snacks, bikes, helmets bike guide and all transfers included (from any town in Istria) and lunch is included in the price.
Duration: approx. 6 hours
Price based on 2-3 persons: 1165,00 HRK  /155 EURO per person.
Exchange rate: 7,53450
Cyclin`  & Truffelin`
Cyclin`  & Truffelin`
Cyclin`  & Truffelin`
"Truffle hunting Croatia" is a brand operating under the tourist agency '' Istriana Travel'' which is situated in the very heart of the northern Istria.
Adress: Vrh 46/3, 52420 Buzet, Croatia
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